Wifi Solution

Professional WiFi Solutions

We offer a high-performance and fully-featured Wireless (WiFi) solutions to meet the demands of medium-sized Businesses, Education and Hospitality sectors with thousands of users. Focusing on ease-of-use, WiFi Controllers simplify wireless deployments and network management with best-in-class wireless reliability, coverage, and performance.

WiFi Solutions for Universities, Colleges & Schools

The future will therefore be based on mobile device learning. However, it has the potential to be more than just another device. It has the potential to help learners of today to learn in a different style. It can even help young individuals to invent the jobs of tomorrow that don’t yet exist today. Utilizing multiple wireless access points throughout the education network provides the performance, coverage, and reliability required by education entities of all sizes.

Whether inside or outside a building, we offer a number of wireless solutions to support a digital class environment which scale from a handful of users through to 500+ devices. Depending on your needs, we can design robust, secure and flexible wireless networks to support several thousand users across all manner of Education entities.

WiFi Solutions for Hotels and Leisure venues

As travel surveys and online review sites repeatedly confirm, after the glorious views on offer there’s only one thing connected consumers care about, and that’s WiFii.

Whether venues like it or not, wireless internet access is now as essential to customers as electricity, or water in the bathroom – and more important even than a clean room or a brilliant hotel restaurant.

We can install and deploy in-room, wall-mounted wireless access points that provide fast and reliable download speeds. A central wireless controller can manage all these access points and provide a single view of how the network is performing so the venue can react quickly to any changes.