Memory / RAM Upgrades

RAM (Memory) upgrade for your Macs

All our memory upgrades come with a lifetime warranty, please call us or use the contact form for a free consultation and quote. Memory (RAM) upgrades will breathe new life into your existing machines. They will run faster and you will be able to open more applications at the same time.

We recommend an absolute minimum of 2GB when running any macOS below Mojave and going to 4GB for operating systems starting with macOS Catalina. To have a smooth running Mac just double the minimum amount of RAM required by the system.

As a rule, the more RAM you can fit, the better your Macs will run. 8GB of RAM is a decent amount for the latest systems. However, if you can afford it, go for 16GB, so you never have an issue of running out of memory and do not need to upgrade in the future.

Back in the days the concept was to increase RAM only if you were doing very hungry video, image or music processing tasks. However, these days even some browsers are equally hungry, especially if many tabs are opened.

RAM (Memory) upgrade for your iMac & MacBook

Call us or use the contact form for a free consultation and quote to upgrade RAM memory on your Macs