If you thought that the data in your iMac is safe behind one Windows password or an iMac lock you’ve got to rethink. Because unless you changed the default, anyone can just boot your iMac using a floppy disk or even CD-ROM and wander around your folders and files like a tomb raider. You don’t

While Apple computers have never matched PCs in scale, their dedicated core following has always kept them around. Their products give reasons for the dedication some people have for Apple, but they also give reasons why Macs have always remained a distant second to the PC. While Apple offers great machines, they have their drawbacks.

Apple has released the newest product in the Apple family — the MacBook Pro. Since there are so many features to list, I’ll just bullet them before my review: 15-inch: * 15.4 inch display * 5.6 pounds * 4x SuperDrive * 2GHZ or a 2.16GHz Core Due * One Firewire 400 Port * Two USB

There are two types of stands, one for monitors, and the other for laptops. When you buy accessories, you go for the one which is useful to you, and this can be done in more than one ways. Type of Stands In this article, we will discuss the two types of stands in detail. Let

The Wow Factor: Putting The iPad On Display

Tablets are hot and the iPad is the hottest one on the market. According to Forbes, the iPad accounted for 81% of tablet web traffic in the US and Canada during one week in January, and LinkedIn announced it was giving iPad minis to all of its 3,500 employees. With all the attention on iPads

DIY Steps to Change iPhone 6 Screen Parts

If your beloved iPhone 6 screen has suffered any type of physical damage and its screen has been shattered beyond recognition then you should waste no time in replacing it. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind while doing that. If you have already purchased ‘Apple Care’ then the DIY option

It’s the era of the apps. Every stream of life is flowing in the app wave. There is an app for almost everything we can think of. App stores like Apple are evidently showing the boundless potential that right apps have – both regarding adoption, as well as revenue generation. While most leading app stores

Smartphone Vs iPhone – Pros and Cons

Smartphones and iPhone both are the novel introduction for communication, besides having a galore of features. Smartphone has replaced the carrying of a cell phone as well as a PDA separately as it is all-in-one gadget. It is up to the user to employ it as an organizer, a cell phone, an email device, or

Crossover is a software that lets you run Windows-based applications on a Linux computer or MAC. CodeWeavers, the company that developed CrossOver, has been working on an Android version of the tool that would enable you to run Windows programs on Android devices. Last month, Google made its Play store available to the at least

Understanding The Android And iOS Applications

People have been dependent on their cell phones for different purposes, and they get all the required solutions of their problems through the applications of mobile phones. It is also primarily used for paying bills, accumulating different information about various factors which are dispersed on the internet, get in touch with friends anywhere around the