22 Online Business Ideas for Moms

If you’ve thought of creating an online business in the past but never knew what to base your business on, I made a list for you to help kickstart your brain to generate some ideas. You can create an online business on nearly anything, some of you may think that you have nothing to offer,

Video marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive targeted traffic, but what not many people comprehend is just how far back in time it stretches, or how much it has evolved. We often laughed at those early black-and-white films of grainy characters moving around in stilted, bumbling fashion, and in fact, many

Advantages Of Photocopiers

Photocopiers are machines used to make copies of documents. Machines for use at home are designed for small-scale copying needs, while business ones are designed for large scale copying of documents. Photocopiers are extremely useful machines which people regularly use in the course of their working lives. With technological advancement, these machines have evolved and

Christmas Gifting Made Easier

Christmas is just around the corner, and most of you would have already started your preparations for the same. While decorating your house and stocking ingredients to prepare festival delicacies can be done easily, there is one task that requires a lot of effort from you – thinking of gifts for your near and dear

Many people understand the harmful effects of asbestos, but it hasn’t always been this way. There was a time when this substance was widely used. This may sound surprising, but the reality is that the adverse effect of asbestos was only discovered recently. When you go further to analyse many aspects concerning asbestos, you’re sure

From a designer’s viewpoint, website creation requires time and advanced technology in the form of fancy software and tools. Both time and technology form an integral part of the workflow for all web designers who are either freelancing or working with any of the graphic design companies. A generalized workflow for the creation of any

10 Good Business Ideas To Do From Home

If you’re looking for some great home business ideas, you’re sure to find one or two in the list below that will be well worth considering. These home based businesses can be run as a full time or part time venture. They don’t require clock punching, or answering to anyone but yourself. 1. Stock Photographer

Key Digital Trends in 2013

Here are the key digital trends for 2013: Consumers Taking Control from Brands/ Brand Shouting Evolves to Consumer Listening via Personalized Omni-Channel Techniques. Brands no longer have control of a one-directional conversation with their customers, where they shoutout mass-marketing messages and force feed consumers one-size-fits-all products they may or may not want. Enter the era

How to Pick This Year’s President

Many folks on social media are inundating me with political propaganda this month; I’ve been guilty of sharing a few tidbits myself and I get it: You want your candidate to win, or you hate both of them and want to revolt. The problem is that 90% of this stuff is pure garbage (or satire)

With the escalating development in technology, there are various options available by which an individual or organization can explore the local surroundings. There is need of digital presence in the cutthroat competition for maintaining the credibility and authenticity. Social media advertising entails the interdisciplinary and cross-functional perceptions that make use of social media for accomplishment