Basic ringtones are passé. Personalized ringtones are absolutely in. There are several ringtones available now that you can have on your mobile phones. The craze for mobile ringtones happened when people cannot recognize their own ringtone in public places. At this point, mobile phone manufacturers thought of creating special ringtones to help their customers to

A phone tracking directory is a great resource for those who are interested in finding out the identity of any cell phone or unlisted phone number. Not too long ago, when we needed to find out the identity of an unknown caller, there were not many options. The only option we had has to look

Will Cell Towers Become Obsolete?

What does the future of cell towers hold for landlords and land owners? That’s the burning question for about 250,000 cell site lease holders who are trying to figure out if they can count on getting that monthly rental check from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket or Metro PCS here in

Capacity of cell-phone batteries? There are lot of mobile phones today which possesses large capacity and give a lot of cushion to mobile phone users to charge their mobile batteries by taking time. They can give a standby time of almost 20 12-15 hours, though it varies at times depending on the capabilities of a

This device originally developed for covert operations is now made available for the public to use. Each earpiece kit can provide a way for you to transmit and receive audio information without anyone in the room knowing. Whether you want to receive pre-recorded messages or information from another party to assist you during your presentation

The Importance Of Cell Phones In Modern Society

Cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. The ability to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to email are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones. Today’s technically advanced cell phones are capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls,

For a multitude of reasons people will use a reverse cell phone tracer database, and two reasons people would normally use this service for are to stop harassing calls or catch an unfaithful spouse. Well here I am going to show  you just how to conduct a reverse cell search online to get the exact

Text messaging on a cell phone and instant messaging on a computer are two totally different ways of communication that have some similarities. Their main similarity, however, is the fact that they are both easy ways to reach out to another person when talking on the phone just isn’t possible. The following are some of

Cell Tower Leases Exposed

Negotiating cell tower leases is difficult when both you and your attorney don’t speak telecom legalese. How can you be certain the cell tower lease rate you are negotiating for is fair market value? Although your attorney may have helped you to close real estate deals, handled litigation or other complex transactions in the past,

If you have ever spent some time online trying to find someones cell phone number you are likely already aware of how much trouble the whole task can be. Unlike fixed lines, there is not a simple yellow pages website that you can browse to get someones number although it would be highly convenient if