The 2TB G-Technology G-Drive eSATA external hard drive is the latest drive by G-Technology, who is part of the Hitachi Global Storage Technologies family. It has a striking appearance, but is it a home run or one for the bench? Read our G-Drive review to find out… Design and Build The design and build of

When looking for the top laptop brands for 2011, you are going to come across some well known brands. Some laptop brands have become household names and even folks that don’t consider themselves tech savvy can recognize those names. There may be a few surprises this year when it comes to the top brands. There

When you have responsibility for hundreds of clients’ advertising, marketing, public relations, graphic design and website files within your system, computer crashes risking possible data loss can be a major reason to panic! What to do? I’ve been in the marketing business for more than thirty-five years. I have active clients whose work I need

Podcasting With Blogtalk Radio

This article is my opinion and review of Blogtalk Radio, and how it can make podcasting a lot easier. Podcasts are usually MP3 files, which are usually smaller than music files, because they are encoded at a smaller sampling rate than music files; because reproducing a person speaking does not require as much bandwidth as

If you are a computer user, you probably have strong feelings in the Apple vs. Microsoft debate, but if you are a business owner, personal likes or dislikes don’t mean as much as the bottom line. So what exactly do Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 have to offer business owners? Because of

What is An Operating System?

An Operating System is what controls your computer’s hardware and software. It is responsible for the overall operation of your computer system and components and their interconnectivity. In other words, through the OS is how you talk to your computer and tell it what you want it to do. Without it your computer would just

Which Operating System is For You?

Have you had trouble lately deciding which operating system will do the job for you? Did you buy an iPhone or iPad and love it so much that you think a Mac might be your next choice? Each operating system fits different demographics. Just because something sounds good doesn’t mean you’ll like it after you’ve

Apple computers are known for their robust performance and tight security. These computers are exclusively designed to run only on Apple’s own platform including several versions of Mac operating systems. Innovative, portable, secure, elegant, durable, and powerful are among the impressive characteristics of Apple computers that enticed millions of computer user world wide. From basic

Top 10 Games for Your MacBook Pro

With the cool high-end features of a MacBook Pro, gaming is a real pleasure. Many serious gamers own these laptops just to enhance their gaming experience. The Apple MacBook Pro has been a favourite among laptop users. The latest version of this Apple laptop is notable for its unibody casing crafted out of a single

Mac Mini is one of the best desktops because it is low in energy consumption and a space saver. This is a detailed Mac Mini review of how useful Mini is in the market and to its customers. The model is small and operates noiselessly. People nowadays do not need the big, energy hungry and