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#ARS Liquid Damaged Revival

Liquid Damage Repair Experts in Hoxton, Shoreditch & Hackney

At Apple Repair Station, we understand the urgency and complexity of liquid damage repair for your Apple devices. Serving the Hoxton and Hackney communities, our expert technicians specialise in liquid damage revival and understand and repair to microchip level for all models of Apple Mac laptops. Our on-demand collection & delivery repair service is faster than a trip to your local.

#ARS Liquid Damaged Revival

Comprehensive Liquid Damage Repair Services

Liquid damage wreaks havoc on electronic components, necessitating meticulous attention and expertise. Our process begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment, examining every aspect of your device's functionality. We utilise reference parts such as keyboards, displays, and hard drives to evaluate the logic board's integrity.

#ARS Liquid Damaged Revival

Advanced Logic Board Repair and Replacement

In cases of severe liquid damage, our team excels in comprehensive logic board repair and replacement. Utilising schematic views of the PCB, we meticulously inspect each component for damage. Failed components are expertly exchanged and re-soldered to restore optimal functionality.

#ARS Liquid Damaged Revival

MacBook FlexGate Cable Repair Service

The backlight only works when the screen is half open or tilted or the display permanently blank. The issue caused because of a short backlight cable. We can fix the MacBook Pro backlight problem caused by the flexgate issue on the same day. This is a guaranteed fixed price flexgate repair service to get your MacBook Pro display backlight flex cable repaired by replacing it with a part which is longer than the original one, this will prevent the issue from occurring again as it is a permanent repair solution.

#MacBook Pro Models

We repair all of the below models

The following MacBook Pro models from 2016 to 2019 are prone to the Flexgate problem

MacBook Pro 13"

2016 MacBook Pro 13" A1706 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 15"

2016 MacBook Pro 15" A1707 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 13"

2017 MacBook Pro 13" A1706 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 13"

2016 MacBook Pro 13" A1708 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 15"

2017 MacBook Pro 15" A1707 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 13"

2017 MacBook Pro 13" A1708 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 13"

2018 MacBook Pro 13" A1989 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 15"

2018 MacBook Pro 15" A1990 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 13"

2019 MacBook Pro 13" A2159 Flexgate Repair

MacBook Pro 16"

2019 MacBook Pro 16” A2141 Flexgate Repair

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As your local Apple repair experts in Hoxton & Hackney, we prioritize your satisfaction and your device's longevity.

Count on Apple Repair Station for reliable liquid damage revival and professional service.

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Data Recovery Assurance

Even in the most challenging scenarios, our goal remains data recovery. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to salvage valuable data, ensuring minimal loss for our customers.

Precision Reassembly and Testing

Following repairs, we meticulously reassemble your device, treating and cleaning all original components. Rigorous stress tests and Apple diagnostic assessments are conducted to detect any latent issues, ensuring your device's reliability.

Transparent and Timely Service

While liquid damage repair demands precision and dedication, we strive for efficiency without compromising quality. Our team works diligently to provide timely service, keeping you informed throughout the process.

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